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Car Air Purifier with Car Charger JO-6291
  • Car Air Purifier with Car Charger JO-6291
Car Air Purifier with Car Charger JO-6291

Ionkini 9th Generation JO-6291 2-in-1 Car Air Purifier with Dual Car Charger

- 5,600,000 pcs/cm3 negative ion concentration

- 2.1A Dual USB Charging Ports

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SeriesCar Air Purifier Series


Car Charger Air Purifier JO-6291 Series has been CE, RoHS, Fcc certified. 
JO-6291 ETL Version is additionally with ETL and CARB certificates. 
United States Design Patent NO. US D878534 S 
China Design Patent No. ZL2017303783243 | China Utility Model Patent No. 2017212917203

Ionkini 9th Generation Patented Product
2-in-1 Dual Charger Mini Ionizer Car Air Purifier JO-6291

Smoke Dispelling Experiment
Higher Air Purification Efficiency 


5.6 million

Pcs/cm3 Negative Ion Concentration


JO-6291 adopts multi-needlepoint ionization to achieve higher negative ion output and higher air purification efficiency.

By releasing 5.6 million pcs/cm3 negative ion & a safe amount of ozone (0.05ppm) ,
JO-6291 can effectively remove airborne pollutants such as:

Dust, pollen,

smoke & PM2.5



benzene & VOCs

Germs, viruses 

& harmful bacteria

 Bad odors

Charging Your Devices



Dual USB Charging Ports


Dual USB ports are provided for charging your mobile phone, tablet & other devices fast and safely against shorts, surges and other danger.

Easy Operation

Plug & Play

Plug JO-6291 into the 12V car cigarette lighter, and it will start purifying the air. 

LED Indication Light

When JO-6291 is working, the LED indication light on the top glows gently to help you locate the air purifier and the USB ports in the dark. 



12V/DC (JO-6291)

12V⎓1.25A(Max) (JO-6291 ETL Version)


5V/2.1A (JO-6291)

5V⎓2.5A(Max) (JO-6291 ETL Version)

Power consumption 0.8W

35*35*110mm (JO-6291)

35*35*110mm (JO-6291 ETL Version)

Net weight 40g
Negative ion concentration 5,600,000 pcs/cm3
Ozone concentration 0.05ppm
Operating temperature -10 ~ 40 (14H ~ 104H)
Storage temperature -20 ~ 60 (-4H ~ 140H)

Product appearance in kind prevail. Product design, functions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Below are 2 standard packagings for JO-6291. Please contact us if you need to customize your own packaging.
Plastic packaging & Gift box packaging


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