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IONKINI 13th Anniversary Celebration

Time2019/1/13 PostedIonkini Technology (GZ) Co., Ltd.

Time flies! IONKINI just celebrated its 13th Anniversary.
Back to the last anniversary In 2018, the Ionkiniers had made different wishes about their work, their team, their and their family's life.

On the 2019 anniversary, we took a look back on them and shared our new aims this year.

- The Feast -

Before the evening party started, we had a warm home-made dinner:

hand-made dumplings and hot pot.

After that, the party kicked off.

- Signing In -

- The Awards -

After a year of hard work in 2018, the efforts and achievements are remarkable and should be commended.

Ms. Alice Jiang, who achieved a great leap on her sales performace in 2018, are rewarded with a new car.

Ms. Cisy Chen, the Top 1 Sales manager from 2013~2018, once again won the 10-day International Tour award.

Mr. Cury Li, Ms. Maple Zheng, Mr. Sophia Chen and Ms. Marry He are also rewarded for sales record, also won the 5-day International/Domestic Tour award.

Prize winner, Mr. Ryan Su, Ms. Sunny Ye and Mr. Yunde Mo.

- Ionkiniers Got Talent -

- Game -

- Lucky draw prize -

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